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Enjoy Sava's riverside serenity
Experience the essence of Belgrade's world-famous nightlife
With our Calisi, find your self right in between

Nestled along the scenic banks of the Sava River in Belgrade, the Calisi Hotel is a stylish retreat offering a blend of modern luxury and breathtaking views. Boasting spacious and comfortable rooms, this riverside gem provides an exquisite experience for guests. The contemporary design harmonizes seamlessly with the picturesque surroundings, creating an atmosphere of unparalleled charm. Beyond the aesthetics, the warmth of the staff enhances the overall stay, making every moment memorable. Calisi Hotel stands as a testament to sophistication, offering a superb blend of comfort and elegance on the vibrant riverside of Belgrade.


Calisi Hotel ensures a seamless arrival with hassle-free airport transfers, providing convenience and comfort from touchdown to check-in.

In order to book your ride, be sure to contact us in time.


Experience the culinary magic of our talented chef right before your eyes in our open-kitchen restaurant, where the art of cooking becomes a part of your dining experience. Indulge in your favorite cocktails as you savor the delicious creations from our chef, making for a truly delightful and immersive dining occasion. At our restaurant, you’ll not only enjoy delectable cuisine and cocktails but also gain a deeper appreciation for the culinary craftsmanship that goes into each plate, creating a memorable dining experience.


At the heart of Belgrade’s vibrant scene, Hotel Calisi stands as the epicenter of events and excitement.

Enjoy the city’s pulse from our central location, ensuring you’re at the forefront of the happening and immersed in the energy of Belgrade.

Read about current and past events here.


Calisi's thrilling journey along the banks of the Sava River in Belgrade was a tale of adventure and intrigue. As a fearless river explorer, she navigated various challenges, uncovering hidden coves and forgotten treasures along the way. Her most daring feat, however, was discovering essence of Belgrade, unlocking a mystery that had baffled historians for centuries and cementing her legacy as a modern-day explorer of Belgrade.



What is the check-in time at the hotel?

Check-in is at 14:00 & Check-out is at 12:00

What amenities are typically included in a hotel room?

Free Wifi

Garden view

Inner courtyard view

Air conditioning


Ensuite bathroom

Flat-screen TV



Safe Deposit Box

Is breakfast included in the room rate?

Breakfast is included in price of the room.

Is it possible to request a late check-out?

Yes, it is possible. However you have to call ahead for it.

Do hotels offer shuttle services to and from the airport?

Our hotel takes the hassle out of travel by offering a convenient and reliable shuttle service to and from the airport. We understand that arriving in a new city or departing for a flight can be a stressful experience, which is why we aim to make your journey as seamless as possible.

Can I request a specific room type or location within the hotel?

Yes, you can request specific room type and location. Price will vary based on your request.

Is parking available, and is there a fee for it?

There is parking available in hotel garage. Price is 10 euros per day.



    Tel: +381 11 69 65 800

    Tel: +381 11 69 65 800 43


    Address: Karadjordjeva 35

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