Team Building

Organize an Unforgettable Team Building at Hotel Calisi!

Bring your team to a unique team-building experience in our exclusive hotel. A three-day stay awaits you, full of excitement and shared activities that will strengthen your team cohesion.

Arrangement Details:

  • Minimum Stay Period: Two nights, three days
  • Accommodation Capacity: 115 people in comfortable rooms

Price Offer:

  • Accommodation Price: Special rate of 95 EUR per night for 10 rooms, and 90 EUR per night for 15 rooms and more.


  • Enjoy additional activities near the hotel or directly within the hotel, tailored to your team’s needs.

Conference Rooms: Conference rooms are available with a capacity of 45 to 130 people, as well as a restaurant for larger groups.

Accommodation and Catering: Explore our special accommodation and menu packages tailored to your team’s needs.

Complimentary Offers:

  • Corporate Room: If you opt for lunch or dinner, you receive complimentary use of the corporate room.

Develop team cohesion with our assistance and the exclusive amenities we offer. Contact us today to together create an unforgettable event for your team at Hotel Calisi!

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